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Deserts, jungles, extreme cold, cultural differences—no matter what the regional challenges, and no matter how large the project scale, EL will fulfill the wishes of the client. This is the pledge of our construction service, and we promise to follow through to the very last day, staying within budget, and abiding by all safety regulations, deadlines, and quality standards.

Effectively combining staff, workers, equipment and materials on a global scale, we draft detailed plans to minimize construction time and costs, while ensuring safety and quality. On site, we introduce appropriate construction methods for each project location and use a construction management system to deploy manpower efficiently.

We have team of expert and experienced professionals who draft construction plans and executing construction work for plants involving difficult or unstable circumstances. All our project personnel work as a team to deal with problems clearly and quickly, to achieve the plant’s completion on time.

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On behalf of the Board and the management team of the Infotech Limited (IL), I would like to thank all of you who have contributed to our company's success. Thanks to the dedication, commitment and constant hard work of our team, the IL Company today has an important position in the Technical industry and media market.
During our vast years of experience we evolved, we have grown and adjusted our strategy to the changing market's evolution, investing in our business' diversification and globalization. It brought us closer to our vision to be one of the leading multi-dimensional company in the world READ MORE!

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